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Plus size swimwear for a big belly

Plus size swimwear for a big belly


All types of bellies are great, and big belly’s in swimwear are even better! One myth we hear time and time again is that “someone who has a big belly cannot wear a bikini”. What utter rubbish! Magazines have created this narrative that plus size women should not be allowed to get their body out on holiday. The diet and gym industry have also jumped on this train by saying that you need to change your body to be able to wear swimwear.

Now, there have been some improvements within the plus-size fashion industry with high-street retailers producing bikinis in larger sizes. However, they are not taking into consideration the differences between straight and curve size women. Cheap scaled up bikinis often have flaws in the design leading to insufficient support or not complimenting a bigger size. How many times have you worn those giant unflattering nappy style briefs? Or have been worried that your bum is going to be exposed when you get out the water?

We want you to be proud of your belly while also making sure that you feel secure in the bottoms! We have put time into how to make plus size women with big belly feel confident and give their body the swimwear it deserves. Just because you have belly doesn’t mean you need to cover it up, you know the saying ‘less is more’...

Want to know how our briefs have been designed?

When it comes to our specific design of brief, we knew that we wanted a high thigh cut to accentuate plus size women’s thighs and also keep up to date with current fashion trends. But when it comes to the belly, we designed a mid-waist fit so that it covered what it needed, but highlighted that beautiful tum! You shouldn’t feel like you need to cover up, you have a body like everybody else. The slightly thicker waist gives you that support and hold so you can trust you look good at any time.

We want you to embrace and show off your big belly by wearing swimwear designed around your body. You shouldn’t feel ashamed that you have a big belly. Decide to be bold and see your beauty then find a bikini that you trust to strut.

Want to see how a bikini brief should look on you? 

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