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Hi, I'm Miranda, founder of Girl Got Curves and I'm excited to share to my brand with you
I have always loved bikinis. They meant holidays (which I live for!) beaches and having fun. Ever since I can remember I wore a bikini and I've kept them all to remind me of fun times and family.
But as I grew into young woman, it got harder and harder to find a bikini that represented how I wanted to be, a fun-loving girl on holiday with her girl friends. As a plus-sized woman I was apparently supposed to cover up or put up with ill-fitting bikinis that were just sized up from straight sizes. I wanted a cute, comfortable and fashionable bikini line like my slimmer friends. 
For a while I thought that the problem was my body and I tried diet after diet to change enough to wear a nicer bikini. All that happened was that I felt worse and worse about myself until I realised that all the pain and self-loathing wasn't worth it. 
I was 22 years old when I came up with the idea of designing a bikini for myself and women like me. Instead of being annoyed at the fashion industry I decided I was going to show the world how a plus size bikini should fit. I knew nothing about swimwear design or the fashion industry so I set about learning everything I could and two years later, my first bikini was ready to try on. 
I cried when I put on first Girl Got Curves bikini. It fit perfectly, felt comfortable and made me look as I'd always imagined - beautiful, confident and fashionable. More than that, looking at myself in the mirror, I felt empowered. I couldn't wait to show myself off on the beach. 
I want every plus-sized women to feel that same way as I did when I first saw myself in a Girl Got Curves bikini. I want you to feel that freedom to move with confidence and love your body. 
Take a look at the photographs on this website. They are women like you looking amazing. 
Read what other women have said about wearing a Girl Got Curves bikini makes them feel.
Order a Girl Got Curves bikini and see for yourself. You can return and refund it if you aren't convinced. 
What makes a Girl Got Curves bikini special?
A Girl Got Curves bikini is designed to fit and flatter plus size bodies. 
Working closely with an experienced pattern cutter meant that we could ensure that the exact shape to both hold and flatter was the most important part of the design. The bottoms might look like any other, but there subtle differences in the way they are cut that hold you in just the right place and provide just enough cover for comfort. Small touches like ruching in the upper part of the back of the brief makes you bum look amazing! 
Every size in the range is designed for those measurements. 
The tops are also made to support larger backs and breasts without compromising on style. You might think that they look flimsy but our customers are always amazed by how comfortable they are. 
Girl Got Curves bikinis are made from high quality Italian fabric. This stops the 'rolling down' problem cheaper bikinis suffer from. All our materials are sourced in the UK or Europe to reduce mileage and help the environment. 
The bikinis are made in the UK and although this reduces our profit margin, we have met the machinists and know they are being treated fairly at work. This supports women in the UK and we love the fact that all our bikinis are made by women for women.